How to make your move smooth with the new moving trends?

The thought of moving to a new place, whether it is interstate or not, always gives you chills. There are chances of damage, mental chaos in choosing the right company, organising things in an affordable manner, and many other aspects that make the entire process stressful. CBD Movers, with its years of experience in the moving and packing industry, has jotted down a list of points to help you have a smooth moving experience.

CBD Movers has established its niche in the moving industry and knows how to inculcate all the competitive trends to give an efficient moving experience. Here is a list of new trends that will make your moving experience smooth:

1. Hire the right moving company

First and foremost, is to hire a professional moving company. The professionals will know how to prevent damage while packing. If you try to pack your stuff yourself, you may end up messing up that favourite piano of yours or damaging that pool table. Professionals will have adequate knowledge to handle your essentials, and they will leave no room for damage. So, start looking for professional movers today and shortlist the options that are best suited for you.

2. Look for movers who care about you

There are moving companies that may send a rental truck that is not big enough, and it may take 2-3 rounds to move your essentials. It will add up to your cost if you are paying on an hourly basis. On the other hand, there are moving companies like CBD Movers that have started a new trend of sending a person for inspection and checking the requirements a few days prior to your move, and then all the arrangements are made as per the need.

3. Overnight bag pack

There are some essentials, like your medicines, hand sanitisers, handy snacks, umbrella, etc., that you may require on your way. If you pack them with your luggage, it will become difficult to unpack and take them out. Thus, keep a bag that will be with you on your way. It can be a handbag or a backpack.

4. Leave the kitchen packing for the end

A kitchen should be the last place to be considered for packing while moving out and the first place to be settled when you shift. The reason is very simple you will need tea, coffee, and your stress-buster food from time to time. You can not order every time, right? So, your comforting food can come to your rescue if you do not pack your kitchen early. Even at the new place, you will not know about the local eating joints, so settle your kitchen before anything else.

5. Book a 24*7 service 

There are moving companies that understand that you may need assistance at any time. You are going to start a new life at a new place, and that calls for last-minute panic and sudden changes in plans. You may need customer care support at any time. For this matter, a new trend of providing 24*7 customer care service has been started by companies like CBD Movers. You can call them anytime for any assistance and also reschedule your bookings after discussing with the agent.

6. Get a blueprint of the floor plan

In order to get a clear idea of where your furniture will be placed and the decorative items, get the blueprint of the floor plan. If you feel that some of your items cannot be moved into the new house, then you can sell them on sites that help you in selling the items you do not need anymore. You can also get the furniture made in the new place itself. There is no need to buy one rather construct one if you have a nose for customized furniture.

7. Reserve elevators for a smooth move

Many societies have 2 elevators, 1 which is for emergency purposes and 1 for regular use. Inform the management of the society in advance that you will require 1 elevator for the movers on this specific day and to keep both the elevators on. You can also put it on the notice board of the society that elevator 2 will be used for moving purposes on the desired date. This will help in avoiding the extra time that will be taken otherwise.

8. Make the parking arrangements

Many moving companies have started providing parking spaces for the big moving trucks. Check it out with the management of the society already. If the building does not have a designated parking spot, then get a street parking permit for your movers. Once you have figured out the parking scene, inform your movers in advance about it. Getting a parking permit has become a trend because of the state’s rules and regulations.

9. Have a clear dialogue with your company

If you are moving because of work, then don’t be hesitant to ask your company if they can bear half of your moving expenses. Many companies provide the guest house facility to their colleagues for shifting. But some have also started providing a moving allowance. You can check with your company if they can provide you with any funds for moving or at least half of it.

10. Keep a cooler with you for emergency

Water and food are the basic amenities that one requires. Make sure that you pack a set of water bottles and enough food to prevent dehydration on your way. Take a cooler along and keep the essentials in it. Also, if you are moving with your pet, keep the pet food handy. 

11. Special arrangements for storage

Usually, there is a fine gap between you moving to your new house and your commodities being moved. There are situations where you cannot keep the goods at your previous place because it will charge you more rent but you cannot accommodate it in the new house also because of the move- in cleaning purposes. So, many moving companies like CBD Movers have started providing storage places to their clients. The storage places are constructed in a manner that the goods remain safe.

These are some of the tricks that help with a smooth move. CBD Movers has inculcated all the latest trends to make your moving experience comfortable and secure. With an enriched experience of more than 10 years in the industry, we have earned the love of our clients.

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