Customers Trust Online Reviews and Base Their Buying Decision on it

Gone are the days when customers took time out of their busy schedules to venture to different stores to compare brands. Now people check online reviews of different brands to check which one best fits their needs. People believe that by reading online reviews, they get accurate information about a business and its services.

Nowadays, people like to read other people’s opinions before making a purchase to determine whether or not a purchase was effective for them. 90% of customers rely on online reviews just as much as they do on personal recommendations. The majority of individuals agree that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

According to one survey, 72 per cent of customers would not make a purchase until they read online customer reviews. Potential customers are more inclined to listen to and trust current customers than they are to listen to and trust businesses.

Customers place more trust in online reviews when the product is pricey

When customers pay a high price for a product or service, their needs and expectations become more demanding. They read online reviews and compare their expectations to the levels of satisfaction with a brand expressed by prior customers. Customers try to read as many favourable reviews as they can to increase their chances of making up their minds and purchasing the product. That is where online reviews help them to purchase the products.

Impact of positive reviews on businesses

Customer satisfaction increases when there are many positive reviews on your website or on review gathering websites. This raises the possibility of influencing clients to spend more money on products and services. Indeed, positive reviews increase client confidence in your business. If businesses have more positive reviews with 5-star ratings customers feel more confident about your business.

We can take the example of CBD Movers, a top-notch moving company in Australia. It is the only moving company having more than 8000+ online reviews scattered all across the web – a few on its website, a few on Google and many others on Review gathering websites. CBD Movers reviews are increasing rapidly due to their high-quality moving services. People trust CBD Movers because they feel that in today’s world, no one has time to write reviews unless they are really satisfied with the service, that’s why CBD Movers reviews are rising at a quicker rate than any other.

CBD Movers always tries to read each and every customer review as they believe that customer reviews provide important insights into what customers liked about their services. This helps them to take a deeper look at which areas of their company should be developed and prioritized. These professional values have helped in the growth of the CBD Movers reviews.

Impact of negative reviews on businesses

Negative reviews may have a negative impact on your company’s reputation, reliability, and trustworthiness. Many people are hesitant to purchase from brands that have a high number of negative reviews. 86 per cent of customers are hesitant to make a purchase from a business that has received bad ratings.

A single negative review may turn away 22% of buyers, while three negative reviews may turn away 59%. Every time a negative review appears on Google searches, there is a chance that the company may lose clients to competitors.

In this customer-centric age, it is important to keep your customer happy with your services. As a result, customers become eager to provide positive feedback on your website. Online reviews are beneficial to businesses. It can help businesses in attracting new customers, increase conversion rates, promote brands, and taking the next step in increasing productivity and sales.

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